Q: Are you hiring, and do you offer internships?

A: We aren't at this time, but when we are, we will post openings here.

Q: Is there a minimum order size?

A: We are very flexible with apparel decorating options.  When it comes to a custom design being screen printed or embroidered, the minimums are very low, and then there are savings at different quantities like 24+, 48+, 72+, etc.

Q: I need specific colors in my logo matched. Can you do this?

A: RedBoot® will suggest the most complementary ink/thread color(s) for your product at the time of ordering. Thread colors are matched as closely as possible to your logo’s Pantone colors, while screen printing inks can be mixed to match Pantone coated colors, using the Pantone Mixing System's 'coated' color guide.

Q: What is the largest area you can print on a shirt or a coffee mug?

A: Available imprint areas vary for different products. RedBoot® sizes all artwork to the maximum imprint area unless otherwise instructed in writing by you. For example, an adult T-shirt can usually be printed up to 12″ x 14″ if desired. On a mug, you often have the option of printing one side, both sides, or a wrap-around style imprint.

 Q: How can I see a sample of a product before placing my order?

A: With you providing a UPS or FedEx shipper number, we can often send you a random printed sample from stock on hand, or a blank sample, prior to decorating a full order. With thousands of options available for you to customize, we do need to have the manufacturers provide specific samples at times.

Q: Do I need to read all the text on the business card proof or shirt you sent me?

A: Yes, your approval means the art is OK to print as shown, whether the product is a business card, a shirt, pen or any other item. Even when you provide the graphics and text,  we do work with the file and sometimes need to reset some of the text, so it is critical that you carefully review everything before giving your “Approved to print.”

Q: Can you print my design with a popular cartoon character in the art?

A: RedBoot® is very careful when it comes to the ownership of artwork, licensing and trademark issues. Any customer of RedBoot® Branding providing artwork guarantees he/she has the unrestricted right to use, copy and distribute said artwork or intellectual property in the manner you are requesting it be printed. To use a logo, trademark or copyrighted item, you must either show written permission granted by the owner of the logo, trademark or copyright, or be an employee of the owner.