The art of embroidery

At RedBoot Branding, we rely on our highly skilled team with sharp eyes for detail, running our high capacity Barudan commercial embroidery machines, to ensure you receive the very best rendering of your design in thread. We have trusted this brand of equipment for its long standing reputation as the best machinery in the embroidery industry, engineered to run 15 units at a time, 24/7. Capabilities include options to embroider detailed lettering down to 3/16” high, all the way up to running designs on jacket backs up to 10” wide.


There is a true art to the embroidery process, with some crucial steps that make a huge difference in the final appearance of your embroidered logo. To begin, once you’ve selected the garments, your logo/design is used as a template from which a stitch pattern is created in embroidery language. This is referred to as ‘digitizing’ the design. The right digitizing software tool used to make this happen is important, but even more important is the artist interpreting the design for best results. There are tons of variables to understand and control in this process. In addition to programming the stitch pattern, the digitizer makes adjustments based on the type of material to be sewn on, compensating for the way the stitches will push/pull the fabric, to ensure the design sews accurately.

More than 280 thread colors are stocked, ranging from lustrous rayon to fluorescent polyester to shiny metallics. The thread colors needed for your design are loaded on the machine and threaded through a complex sequence of tubing and other parts. We do a test stitchout for every new design in case there are any details that need editing.

After the new design is tested and ready to go, our expert embroidery artist positions the logo placement while selecting the correct backing material for the fabric, which ensures a perfect finished appearance. Last step is trimming the backing and overall close-up quality control monitoring. This level of care means you end up with a long lasting embroidered logo that you will be proud to wear.